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Corsa B Window Washer problem

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B Window Washer problem

    Good Day,

    I have had my Corsa utility (bakkie) for a few years now, but only recently has one of the nozzle blocked up. I am not quite sure why though but only disperses water on the driver side, and not on the passenger side of the window. I have tried using a needle to see if any of the holes are blocked, however still have the problem. Would it be best to just source two new nozzles and piping for this? And if so how would I go about replacing them?

    Kind regards,


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    Welcome to the forum
    I am assuming from the mention of a utility its not likely to be frozen with ice. You could try a couple of things that worked for me with a corsa D.
    Try and find a natural join in the pipe. There may be one somewhere near where it goes through the bulkhead. Disconnect the pipe and blow through the pipe towards the nozzles.Just use your mouth. You could also fill your mouth with water and blow this through.If necessary cover the clear nozzles with your finger to concentrate the effects on the blocked one. Keep at it for a while,both sucking and blowing.This may clear the nozzle, or you might find its not blocked at all.
    In my case the problem was the filter in the bottom of the water bottle was clogged with algae. Just enough pressure and water got though to supply the cleanest nozzle. From the disconnected join I blew hard (mouth power) down towards the water bottle. This cleared it temporarily. You will probably hear air bubbling through into the bottle. If this was the problem its only a temporary fix. Any muck in the bottom of the bottle will soon clog it again.
    Ideally remove the bottle and clean it and the filter. On the d this is not easy. I just flushed mine clean repeatedly in situe using a hose.

    A word of warning on the d and possibly earlier cars. The pipework from the washer pump to the bulkhead is rigid, ribbed plastic and uses special fittings to connect to the pump. It looks like you can disconnect the pipe from the fitting but its more sophisticated than that.Dont separate here just for blowing, only if you are replacing the pump. But the dodge above is easy.Just after it goes through the bulkhead the rigid pipe has a simple connection to black soft rubber tubing.To access this join you need to slip your hand under the front of the black plastic cowling.Its kept in place by a rubber seal across the engine bay like you get round car doors. There is enough slack to pull it back into the engine bay.
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      Also worth mentioning - what are you using in the washer bottle? Most of the time cars get muck in the system and clogged nozzles it's down to not using decent washer fluid. The washer fluid not only cleans the screens better, & prevents freezing, it also keeps the tank, tubes and nozzles free from algae growing in the system.

      Using straight water or water plus detergent nearly always leads to problems in the long run.
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        My car was 2 year old when I bought it. The water in the bottle looked like chicken soup. There was even a string of green weed trailing from the filter. I think the previous owner must have filled it from stream. (or a Billabong!)
        I second what Taurus has said. Always use clean water and screen wash even in summer.
        Incidentally in the uk its common to use winter screen wash ,diluted down for the summer. Probably quite an expensive option
        Here in Bulgaria you can buy 100:1 concentrated summer screen wash. A 250ml bottle that makes 25 litres costs about a pound. They also sell it in Lidls here, under their own "W3" brand (or something similar). Knowing "rip off britain" they may not sell it in the uk Lidls , and if they do it will probably cost more.It may be with the detergents,dishwasher salts etc,but it is a purpose made product. I have had no problems since using a similar product in an identical bottle from another german supermarket (Kaufland)
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          Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it!! I am from South Africa actually, living in Cape Town. Alright so I would just disconnect the pipe and try and blow through it first to see if it is clogged. I will also take a look at that bottle for any residue buildup that could have been caused, car is 20 years old after all, the utility is a Corsa B but like a small pick up. Just to be 100% sure this is the bottle behind the firewall? Thank you again for the feedback, I will also try and get some of the washer fluid because I have only been using normal tap water for it.


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            Sorry, I added 'good day' and 'utility' and assumed Australia. I dont know where your washer bottle may be, as your vehicle was probably assembled locally. But I mean the one you have been topping up with water. The water may be quite 'ripe' by now so be careful not to swallow any. You could use a bicycle tyre pump if you're worried but avoid air lines or anything too powerful.

            If the nozzel is clogged beyond repair by lung power alone you could remove it and try soaking it overnight in something such as vinegar,or domestic cleaner.If you live in a 'hard' water area try limescale remover.As a last resort try a more powerful blow from a foot pump or air line.But be careful.The obstruction ,or even the brass nozzle could fire out at high velocity and hit you in the eye. And very powerful cleaner might case damage.
            If you are not too worried about originality I think you can buy 'universal' nozzles quite cheaply. At least you could many years ago.
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              Thank you So I had a look at it the last two days since I was off from work, lifted the cap and the thing broke off completely Then discovered I can't reach the joint where the pipes meet as it is a black one heading into the bonnet but a clear one where I can see the bottom of the nozzle, must be somewhere underneath the bonnet. So after some thinking I thought I might as well buy a new washer bottle as I would need to take a look at all the pipes. Also need a new expansion bottle as mine is quite dirty and can't see through it anymore. Will go make a turn by GM next week when everybody is open again after the holidays.