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LED Bulb Change in clocks. went loopy!

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] LED Bulb Change in clocks. went loopy!

    Ok, Tried the Blue LED Bulb Change in my car
    1.2 Twinport 2005 model
    But ****s on fleabay sent me wrong colour....asked for lue they send me purple
    Removed them and tried others led's I had, not sure if they are colours or just plain white ...but show as normal ???
    Just for fun removed the bulbs all together and tried the clock and it lights up wtf!!!

    I know it depends on the way they go in for polarity, but how do they come on if they arent any bulbs in

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    It must have a separate bulb,either built in or not immediately obvious. I dont think its a good idea trying to upgrade and modify your instruments until you are sure everything is working properly using conventional bulbs. Even if you have to swop bulbs around for testing rather than buying new ones. Including warning lights etc that you dont intend upgrading. Maybe you have already done this. That way you know any new electrical gremlins during modifications are related to the work,not an existing fault.


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      ...Issue solved all done
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