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Water on floor, whats happening???

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Water on floor, whats happening???

    Corsa 1.2 2005 Twinport

    The water on passenger and drivers floor (not visible but soiled /some at rear behind seat)
    Coolant isnt low but a lot of leaves and sh*t in the bulkhead so may need cleaning
    Also ppl say to check the left side bulkhead and maybe need sealed again

    Any pics or links on how to do this and what tools needed?

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    A very common problem. First thing is to clear the bulkhead drains - then check the usual points which are the body control module on the passenger side and the brake servo on the driver's side. The servo is the more common source of water entry.

    Get yourself a Haynes re. the tools needed and what you need to do. It is a messy and fiddly job but not particularly difficult. Make sure everything is bone dry before applying sealant. You can use household silicon sealant or something like Sikaflex (better but much messier to apply).
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      Any particular sealant?


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        As above - silicone or Sikaflex.
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