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passenger side front and rear floors very wet

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  • passenger side front and rear floors very wet

    Hi folks, my son recently bought his first car, it is a 2004 corsa classic. We noticed that the passenger side floors back and front are very wet. I did a bit of digging on the net and found that the fuse box is pron to leaking and this allows water to enter the car from behind the glove box. I had this looked at 2 weeks ago and the mechanic assures me that he has completely sealed the box with black silicone. (he damaged my windscreen on the process but thats another story) The carpets are still as wet as they they were, any way I was wondering if there are any other common problems with the 2004 corsa that will allow water to leave the passenger side carpets soaking

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    I had one in last week and it was the boot seal at the bottom left hand corner. The common leak on them is the brake servo, but if it's only passenger side and the back is wet then check the boot seal.
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      Bcm seal causes leaks in passenger footwell, not the fuse box seal. which also gets into the rear footwell too.