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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] paintwork

    Hello guys/gals

    So today I obtained a Corsa b from my sister in law for free. It will be used as a car for my partner to learn to drive in and will be our first family car when our little one arrives in 6 months (as my semi-hightop, long wheelbase mk7 transit isn't really appropriate).

    Everything is fine except the paintwork.. Now, no I don't really care if its scratched or scuffed, however, I'm not a fan of the florescent pink it has been painted. Its been painted by what looks like a 4 year old, with a paintbrush, with no primer, on the original silver paintwork. I scraped a bit off on the rear bumper and there is no primer underneath but it doesn't just fall off as easily as you would expect. Its started to scab and break away around the doors and windows but the majority of the paint is fine. I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do.

    Im not sure if I should just key it and spray it half properly with Halfrauds own to at least get it all one respectable colour. it staying pink is not an option and I would be more than happy with the original paintwork underneath if anyone has an suggestions as to removing the crap paint on the top. If not, how much paint do you expect it will take to paint one of these little things. I've done touch ups to an acceptable degree before in the past on previous cars but never a whole car.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

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    You're never gonna get a decent finish with rattle cans, it'll look awful.
    And getting the paint off is going to be tricky without ruining the paint below.

    I'd be considering plasti-dip or wrap.


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      Fair enough. Thanks for the reply.

      I don't mind if the paint looks *slightly* awful. It honestly couldn't look any worse forgetting the fact that the car is pink and sticker bombed. it honestly looks like a heap of crap at the moment.

      I've wrapped cars in the past, and it took a lot of my time and effort, not that any other option I have wouldn't too. Plasti-dip is far to expensive for what the car is going to be used for. Definitely will have to consider wrapping it but really I'd rather not have the stress I had last time.


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        It may be worth getting a cheap compressor setup and flatting the current paint back and having a go at respraying it. It would be better than rattle cans.
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          Thanks for the input guys..

          looks like I'll have to weigh up my options. something needs to be done but i expect it will take a knock or two whilst my partner is learning. How many meters of wrap / liters of paint do you guys expect I will need to cover the car? And i know its not advised but how many cans do you think it would take it if i do choose to go down the rattle can route?

          Thanks for the replies and hope you have a happy new year.


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            Avoid places like Halfords. Go to a local car paint factors. Everything is likely to be significantly cheaper, from wet and dry paper for flatting down,to paint and thinners ,masking tape,rubbing compounds etc..
            Many paint factors can fill rattle cans on the premises if thats what you want.You have to weigh up the costs of buying paint and thinners in bulk and aquiring use of a compressor against the high cost but convenience of rattle cans . For a whole car a compressor is much easier ,even if its just one of those cheap electric spray gun things. The factors may advise you on the cheapest way to give good thick base coverage and opacity, using cheaper primers, or even spray filler , and basic, cheap, stock colours such as taxi black etc. Quantities can depend on how much of a colour change. Black to white would use more paint than white to black for instance. I'm a bit out of touch on quantities and modern materials.
            If you do the time consuming rubbing down and masking yourself ,and happy to accept low expectations you might find someone willing to give it a blow over cheaper than you could do it yourself


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              Matt black it.

              Will look ****, but easier to hide faults and spray co ores to other colours yourself.

              Can we have a pic


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                Give it a light rub down and roller it - cheapest way to do a passable job that a blind man on a galloping horse won't notice on a dark night. It ain't going to be perfect but it'll be good enough for purpose.

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                  I'm with Taurus, roller it cheap easy looks ok till you get close