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Corsa D 1.4 design switch 16's to 17 inch pentas?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 1.4 design switch 16's to 17 inch pentas?

    Hi, I wish to change wheels on my 1.4 design corsa D
    They are 4 stud, and ET between 38-45(max 49 apparently) However I am looking at 5 spoke pentas, which are 4 stud and ET 44. Im not too sure but I believe the Higher ET the more the wheels stick out and hense wider grip? Eg like having spacers?
    Also wish to know how much it affects handling, I have 195/55/16's and wish to add 215/4517's mains because of wider grip and more feel of road.
    Just wondering if the extra weight affects handling and if so how I can find out how much the 5 spoke 17 pentas weight compared to my standard 16S?
    5 spoke pentas

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    This might help: PCD & Offset Explained
    PCD & Offset Explained - Forums


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      Weight can vary depending on the wheel design and tyre manufacturer. Some 17" combinations may weigh less than some 16". They only way to check would be to weigh your current wheel/tyre and then ask the supplier for the weight of the proposed wheel and tyre. He may know it for courier purposes. If buying from a shop/depot
      you could always take your bathroom scales in!! I doubt the difference would be very much. I dont think weight affects handling by enough to notice. It can have a tiny affect on acceleration ,braking and fuel economy. Going down to 45 profile will affect the road feel,the ride will be harder.
      Corsa D's are et39 but I believe 215/45 17 with 44 et is an option.


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        Thankx JT,

        Thankx Bugman I think going for Vauxhall wheels are a safe bet, that way not much can go wrong, hopefully. I guess just need to keep look out, don't wish to get perfect wheels, probably get kerbed a bit, but something that looks ok and doesn't stand out being damaged etc.

        I didn't think of petrol acceleration braking etc. The 5 spoke pentas look touch don't look as they weight much, luckily they aren't a chunky design.

        I will keep my eye out,


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          Alloys do have some advantages over heavy steels,but you've already made that jump. Its going to 45 profile tyres that will affect you most.Ride is harder and less comfortable.Kerbing damage more likely.The extra cost of good rubber might tempt you to a lower quality. But then I am sitting in me carpet slippers by a log fire!
          Dont listen to me. good luck


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            Thankx, do you know whats the best offset o have?

            As for ride well, I had a redtop calibra slammed on 17s with 120k, so after that the corsa feels like a rolls Royce, adding 17s probably be like degrading to a Bentley, lol.

            but honestly a 45 profile with 215 width, should still be quiet ok. hopefully!


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              I dont know which et is best. Original is 39. Its basically what will fit without fouling your brake calipers,suspension,or bodywork and doesnt make your tyres poke out beyond the wheel arches,which is illegal. I have seen 17" et 44 on 215/45 tyres listed by suppliers as an option for corsa D's so presumably they will fit.
              Dont let me influence you. I drive on potholed roads and have reached an age where comfort is more important to me than style .Style displays your enthusiasm, good taste and passion. Go with your preference.


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                Hi sorry for late reply, lost everything after a cyber be attack! reinstalled everything, and plus side Microsoft upgraded me to windows 10 from 7, only problem is I havnt got a clue how to have windows 10 as restore for net time if I have to reinstall windows, never mind, lol.

                well had chance to buy some Pentas 200 delivered, well they went for that, at time thought I can do better but now think they mite be better options, light weight awell.

                If I wanted style id spend twice as much, this is just so it looks bit less wimpy and especially feels safer in the wet with massive tyres, lol. and hope the abs doesn't have to kick in after hard braking in the wet too!



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                  Thanks .Let us know how they perform ,any pluses and minuses.
                  Funny you should mention windows 10. I upgraded from 8.1 to 10 on 19/12/15 and have spent most of my computer time since then trying to sort out the bugs that microsoft say they fixed in November. Mostly to do with start menu and cortana freezing. There are still a few 'fixes' I havn't yet tried but it seems stable for now.


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                    I'm having problems with forums, like just now cant see no cursor and hard to type doesn't type in reply boxes. Also had trouble with wireless. I thin if they upgraded it should of done it all including drivers for hardware and updated software. How did you get around backup eg doing a restore but to windows 10 instead of back to windows 8? sorry bit off topic, lol.

                    I have seen some wheels, 225/45/17s will they be ok?


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                      I dont know whether or not 225's will fit. Fitting 215's might already be a close fit for struts,bodywork etc. Adding another 10mm width could be a step too far. It will also increase rolling diameter by 2.11% more than your 195's or 1.44% more than the 215's. This doesnt sound a lot but will increase acceleration times and your speedo will read less than your real speed.It also increases ride height by 6.7mm .
                      Check out the following wheel/tyre comparison site. It gives lots of figures,plus a diagrammatic view of how differently they mount in relation to bodywork,suspension etc.
                      Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit

                      Its probably better to raise windows 10 problems separately on the random chat thread. Taurus started one in september
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                        Hi thankx, yes will check it out, its ok not bad, shows a lot more, its hard to tell, realised even 215s change rolling radius, didn't know that. guess it never gona be exact match rite?


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                          Some combinations are mathematically identical but its unlikely to ever be exact. The same tyre will have a larger diameter with 8mm of tread than it will with 2mm, and the same size tyre can vary between brands.The closer the better but 1% is normally near enough,with 2.5% the absolute maximum.
                          Incidentally dont mix tyres on the same axle, especially the drive axle. A difference in brand or even tread depth can affect brake balance. If one tyre is damaged you might need to buy two. Factor this in if buying used. Happy new year


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                            Hi thankx, sorry didn't reply before laptop wouldn't let em some reason also happens on other forums. Not sure why.

                            I will see if the 225s work, if they don't will get them off ebay them and buy some 215s,

                            Btw Happy New Year, all the best for 2016