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help a newbie - key needed

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] help a newbie - key needed

    hi all
    I thought I had posted this before but i cannot find it so here we go again.
    My car does not have an immobiliser so that makes things a bit easier.
    the rubber has worn off the central locking buttons on my key and all I need is a new plastic cover.
    I would also like to have a spare key so another blade would be good too.
    Has anyone any idea where I can get one please ?

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    For which car?

    On Corsa c, I use a guy called Kevin Pugh.
    He posts everything to you, and is very cheap


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      With regards to the cover on the key button, I opened up the key (as if I was going to change the battery) and applied some INDUSTRIAL black, self adhesive tape to the central part, trimmed round the edge and put it back together. This is still in good condition after about ten months of regular use (and keeping the keys in my pocket)
      The problem is, that I can't tell you the name of this tape, or where to get it from, as I had it given to me.