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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Dash Cam

    I want to fit a Dash Cam in my Limited Edition Corsa D.
    I am thinking it would be best at the top of the screen, behind the mirror. As a second option, it could go at the bottom just above the dash...
    I would prefer to wire it in, rather than remember to charge it, and put it back in the car every time. How much of a pin is it to run the power cable back down to under the dash? Is it feasible to run the cable behind the trim? How much of a pain would this be? Has anyone done it?


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    Shouldn't be too hard to run it in. At the bottom of the windscreen would probably be easier than the top, as it'll save taking the A-pillars or the headlining out.
    You'll probably need to wire in a hidden fag lighter socket behind the dash rather than wiring the charger straight into the car as it'll probably have a transformer inside the plug.


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        Hi. Sorry I'm a bit late on this one, but may help others thinking of doing the same. I have fitted a mobius action cam above the mirror of a corsa d. Very small and discrete. I used a home made bracket ,a piece of metal folded back at the correct angle and stuck to the windcreen using high powered fixing tape. It has survived 41.5 degrees centigrade outside temperature and hasnt come off.You have to be very careful to do trial and error testing before permanently gluing it in place. In particular ensure the camera has a view that is cleared by the wipers. Easy to overlook with a clean screen in good weather.

        .Click image for larger version

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          I forgot about this thread. I paid an auto electrician to hard wire mines in the other day. Should have done it ages ago.


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            I use a mobius on my helmet, great little cameras.
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              Sounds uncomfortable.


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                As its raining and I'm bored I have posted some test footage on you tube. This is not showing it at its best.


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                  Hey recently obtained a 2010 Corsa D, and i'm planning on doing what Bugman has done.

                  Just a question Bugman how did you go about the Apillar is that also just pushed undernether the rubber aswell as pushed between the screen and head liner?

                  Also what did you do around the dashboard. as i don't really want to pull that apart much. unless it's required.

                  Thanks Sam


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                    Really very simple on these...
                    I simply plug it into the cigarette lighter, I couldn't be bothered to wire a separate one behind the dash...
                    The cable feeds up under the heater controls. From there it took a couple of minutes to feed it up behind the glove box, under the door rubbers to the top edge of the dash. The A pillar trim pulls straight off the clips, so the cable can run behind it. Then I fed it up under the edge of the roof liner, and left it hanging out behind the mirror. The trim pushes straight back onto the A pillar, and that's it all done


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                      as fin says its quite easy. There is more than one way of doing it. Heres mine.
                      Across the top of the screen is easy. Just stuff it in.But the short stretch in my second photo is very tight. It may be possible hide the cable, but you would probably need to unclip the plastic and I was worried the cable might get damaged.(plus some cars have an airbag here).I left the cable on the surface,although this leaves a bulge where it goes under the rubber. The cable then goes under the door surround rubber all the way down to the footwell.There is no need to remove the A pillar plastic trim to do this. Just lift the rubber seal and slip the cable underneath. At first this seems to stop the rubber re-seating, but if you push the cable in deep enough it goes into a recess and the rubber reseats no problem. I then routed the cable up from the floorwell, hidden by lower dash panels.Emerging again near the cigarette lighter socket. You can probably manage this like I did without dismantling anything by simply looking up from the floor well. You may find it even easier by removing simple panels. For instance on the LHD corsa its easy to remove the entire glovebox assembly, the normal way to change the pollen filter. Not sure if the same applies in RHD.
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