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Intellilink iPhone usb volume

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Intellilink iPhone usb volume

    Hi there!

    Wonder if someone can help please.

    I've got a 2015 corsa Sri with the intellilink system.

    I use a usb cable with a iPhone 6 which works well. But the problem being the volume is too low. Change from the Usb to the radio and it blows my hair off!

    Just wondering if there a a special setting somewhere that I need to press to get it to the same volume?

    Thank you!! [emoji3]

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    I don't know how Intellilink works but have you tried turning the volume up on your phone whilst it's connected? I had a similar issue in my Merc (albeit via bluetooth connection) and after a while worked out that was the issue
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      Yeah I've tried turning the volume up on the phone before connecting (It doesn't allow the volume level to change when connected) and still the same [emoji19]


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        Have you had a look at the iPhone guide especially 'Car Ply' and SIRI ?


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          Happens with my car stereo (Corsa c) and even with headphone with iPhone 6.

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