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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] bonnet struts

    Hi guys, sorry but here comes another dumb question😂
    Basically, I want to get some bonnet struts instead of using that stick to keep the bonnet open, just wondering if boot struts will work? I just thought I'd ask on here thanks!

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    Might work,but I should think there would be quite a lot of trail and error involved getting the positioning just right so the bonnet is both fully open and closing properly. In particular you will loose the ability to just drop the bonnet the last few inches to help it catch .You would need to take extra care every time to ensure the lock has caught safely. Whats wrong with a stick? Its a master of simplicity.


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      I did it before,used a Corsa boot strut on the bonnet,used the bit where the stick is mounted just bolted onto that,closed the bonnet down to see where the strut would be in the compressed position and drilled a hole a little smaller than the threads into the bonnet, hammered it in a bit then threaded it in,basically self taping it in,that was it,I only had it on the car about a month and sold it so I don't how long it will last but worked the finest for me


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        I had a chrome one on mine. Lasted years. Can't remember where I got it from.
        Very useful with how often my bonnet ended up open


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