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jdm tow strap help?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] jdm tow strap help?

    Hi all, this is my first post so ill start by saying hiya!
    I have a really dumb question.. But this is my first car so let me off
    I want to fit a jdm style tow strap to my car like this:
    As you can see here it is held on with a bolt. the only way i can see attaching it to my 1999 corsa b properly would be to cut the current tow hook off and drill a hole but that is a stupid idea and probably illegal i was thinking just cable tying it inside the car where the actual hook is? any tips on how to fit it because ive seen a lot of corsas with them!
    sorry for the rookieness of this post but everyone has to start somewhere i guess? Thanks!

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    Why? To advertise you break down a lot?

    Most people I've seen with corsa's attach them to something plastic, so they will never work anyway, which makes it even more pointless.

    I just don't understand these on normal everyday cars


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      Main way I see it done is what you say cut old one off drill a hole and bolt it


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        I have one, but mine is bolted in, and mine is going on the track...but i also have a Civic, so scene points yo!

        I don't see the point in them if they're going to be cable tied in though, look daft and completely functionless
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          EE Lad you make me feel old. When I was nowt but a nipper we had to make do with a bit of rope from down t' coal mine. And a car? We had a soap box on pram wheels.

          Sorry.Enough jesting .Its good to have an interest and to achieve high standards for your projects.

          .Not sure how it could be illegal on the road. No more harm than a teddy on the front of a dust cart I would have thought. But maybe there are regs for track use.Will you need to comply with FIA/MSA regulations or something ?
          But It does look like seat belt fittings. I dont expect you to drop down to my level and use an old seat belt but would it be possible to have the important designer bit visible, with the fitting bolted to the similar fitting from an old seat belt ? You could then run the old seat belt webbing,hidden, to reach a wider range of options for bolting. You may even be able to just tie it round something solid.