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  • [All Models] outside temperature indicator

    Help!! I have recently purchased a 63 corsa exc-iv ac cdtieflex with a board info display when the temperature drops below 3c a warning displays the outside temperature great, but this totally covers the clock and the speed can this be turned off??? as a driving instructor I want to see both the time and speed of the car. I haven't had this problem with my older corsas.

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    Which kind of display do you have - if you look in the manual (probably pages 86-97 if you've got the same manual as I accessed online) then the display will vary according to the settings. I don't have that model so I'm not familiar with the display options - it may not be possible to remove that warning when the temperature is low.

    A satnav would of course display vehicle speed. Or there are settings on most displays which offer a range of 'hidden' displays. Depending on model/version/display - you usually turn the radio on, then hold the 'settings' button for several seconds, until it beeps, then scroll down using the BC button. Speed is displayed in kph and I don't think you can change that for mph. It will be on one of the screens available, but off the top of my head I can't remember which.
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