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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Tips for best accessories/mods

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the forums but need a little advice. I got my first car about a year ago (63 plate Corsa LE):

    So far, I've resisted the urge to tamper with it. But recently put a new cone air filter on it just for the noise. (I can hear all the veterans cringing )

    Basically, it's my first car and I just want to tinker about a bit. Hopefully learn a few things along the way.

    So, what are some of the best modifications anyone has done or would recommend for my LE?

    I'm looking for a VXR style gear stick (don't want a proper VXR one, as that'll look ridiculous without the car being VXR!) but can't find any with the lift button for reverse?

    Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts for a car newbie, fire away!

    P.S I've got a few scuffs on the front passenger alloy...any tips?
    P.P.S - I posted this on AllCorsa too, then found a post that said everyone had come over here instead...

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      I'm not trying to criticise,just curious. Have you thought through all the implications of modifying a new or nearly new lower spec car? It will be neither one thing or the other. When it comes to selling the trade are quite likely to offer less than even a standard car. You will have lost all your modification costs,and then some.You would need to sell within a small band of enthusiasts that appreciate the changes,most of whom will be looking for something older and more affordable. Manufacturers warranty may be void. Try to keep mods discrete and reversible. Or what the heck just do it.


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        Other option (not performance wise) is to find parts that are offered as factory fitted such as irmscher parts. Make a difference to how it looks whilst still maintaining that gm bit for resale. Obviously parts like exhausts are fairly easy to swap back yourself if you don't mind putting in the "wrench time" but engine mods will be a bit more difficult. Or cams etc.

        personally im in not a massive fan of cars after the astra g/corsa c era (o obviously there are some exceptions) so haven't even looked at what's out there for these cars as they just don't interest me.