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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Sill rust

    Hi guys,

    Today my car failed its mot on outer rear sill (rust hole around 3" long by 1" wide)

    To get it passed the MOT I cut the rust out, cleaned everything up and plated over it.
    This is just provisional until I can afford to get it done properly.

    To be fixed properly is it a case of the whole outer sill being cut out and welded/side of the car sprayed?

    My only worry is if I go though with it and the outer sill is removed to show a rusty inner sill can much be done about this?

    Any ideas where I can get new sills both sides too?


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    Easiest way to check inners is look down through the rear interior panel


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      If you plate the sill properly it'll be as good as a new sill and a lot easier. Just check the sate of the rest of the sill and clean up any surface rust. Once the job is done then remove the interior panel (3 door or 5 door?) and make up a mix of Waxoyl and cheap 20W/50 engine oil. Get it good and warm by standing it in a bucket of hot water (don't apply heat directly as it's a very flammable brew) then spray it into the sill. If you can get plenty of that soaking into the metal it will kill existing rust and seal if from oxygen which will be as good as you're going to get on an older car.

      You can spend large sums on money on more exoctic anti-rust treatments, but 50/50 Waxoyl and engine oil is as good an anything else I've used. NB Waxoyl by itself doesn't last for long. It's too thick and doesn't seep into the rust or cavities, you need the oil added to make that work.

      Do not apply this brew before welding or your car will burst into flames as soon as you hit it with a welder!
      1972 Viva restoration thread -


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        Thanks Taurus! Would you recommend the same treatment for the underside of the car or will the heat from the exhaust affect it?

        Not sure I like the idea of how flammable it could be haha! I was considering a mixture of products including several treatments of Por15 with a gravetex final layer which according to reviews and product detail would last for a very long time if applied correctly.


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          You may find this interesting:

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