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Corsa 55 Plate passenger side trim damaged

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa 55 Plate passenger side trim damaged

    My wife has damaged the passenger side trim (below door) of her car - caught the underside on a high pavement. The corsa is a Design twinport 1.2l 5 door. Can anyone help with sourcing the black trim?

    I think it's a Corsa D - how do I tell?

    Thanks in advance, Bob

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    Can't help with issue but here are the models: A guide to Corsa models/shapes - Forums
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      For trim you'll need to go to your local Vauxhall parts dept. The only other source is a scrappies, but trim is rarely in good shape when removed in a scrapyard. It's usually less expensive than you think from the parts dept.
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