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Can I tint outside of window?

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  • [All Models] Can I tint outside of window?

    Could I tint my rear window on Saab on the outside as the inside is a proper pain to get to lol rest of Windows will be done on the inside, or will the tint get fvcked? Thanks

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    No, rainwater will quickly find its way under the edges and it would eventually fly off on the motorway.

    What's the issue? Bad angles or cramped space? Plastic trim that doesn't come off? Or is it those little black dots that run along the edges all the way around the window that tint doesn't stick to properly?


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      Ok thanks and all of those you just mentioned lol it's a saab 9-3 saloon which means you have to climb over the "parcel shelf" which is none removable and the trim is a pain to get off, then there is the problem of not getting water on to the speakers in parcel shelf and then actually getting the tint on and working it into place with a tiny amount of room


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        I don't know anything about Saabs specifically, but if you can't find any screws holding the parcel shelf in from the top, then try looking in the boot and seeing if there are screws or retaining clips holding it in from there. Sometimes there are hidden screws under the speaker grills -- if a speaker grille isn't moulded as one piece in the parcel shelf, then you can try popping it out gently with a screwdriver. Finally, the last thing to try is to tilt the rear seatback forward, and then give the parcel shelf a swift tug towards you.

        Regarding the little dots that tint doesn't stick to, I've heard of three techniques used by professional installers: 1. carefully mask the window on the inside and then paint with black hammerite over the dots to make a clean edge, let it dry and then apply tint; 2. apply black vinyl over the dotted part (from the inside), trim with razor and straightedge and then apply tint; 3. apply tint on main area of window, and leave a little extra tint film around the area that will go over the dotted part, and then use clear glue (the cheap general purpose gel that is clear even when its wet, but NOT 2-part epoxy or superglue) to glue the tint down over the dotted area. Good luck!


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          I think it may just be worth me taking it to a pro for the rear window lol


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            Thanks for writing that out as well lol


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              You tint the outside people can see in you can't see out as window tint is one way viewing :P