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swapping gauge cluster, no tach to cluster with tach

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] swapping gauge cluster, no tach to cluster with tach

    ok basically my new corsa which is a 98 does not have a tach in the speedo. its a 1.2 8v i believe. I want to take the cluster out of my old corsa(96 1.4 16v) and put it in the new on. I'm PRETTY sure that they all come wired for a tach but some just didn't have it. Would think be a direct swap over or would i have to run some wires. Looking to just pop it in and go.

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    Some are wired for it into the black connector behind the clocks, its a solid green wire, i can find the pin number later if you need it. Some dont have it though, and you'll need to splice into a pin on the ECU connector and run a new wire up to the black connctor behind the clocks. Again I dont know the pin numbers off the top of my head, but can find this info out for you if needed.

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      na its all good dave, thanks for the input. if it was a no doubt direct swap i would do it. its honestly not THAT big of a deal so i'm not to worried about it.


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        Would the dials off an 8v even work on a 16v?

        Weren't the 8v dials cable driven? Or was that JUST the speedo?
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          honestly i have not a clue if this is the case. Only ever had the one corsa