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Corsa E VXR upper bumper moulding

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa E VXR upper bumper moulding

    So I've been looking everywhere for this part with no luck. The only reference I can find to it anywhere is on a website called catcar(dot)info.

    I've included the diagram which shows the part, referred to only as "upper moulding" GM part no. 13462108, number 9 on the diagram.

    Does anyone know where I can get this part, doesn't need to be OEM.

    It's the plastic trim piece between the top of the front bumper and the lip of the hood on the red VXR shown.

    Appreciate any help
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    That does look like an almost impossible part to find!


    Can see is has an Opel part code of 14 01 168, also the GM part number you found. I wonder if you'll have to speak with a proper Vauxhall dealer to obtain through their channels.

    It doesn't look cheap for what it is though - I have found it for sale abroad (Germany) for around 75 euros (1401168-13462108-Opel-BLENDE-Opel-Ersatzteil) so no doubt you'd be looking at £75-100 through a dealer! Perhaps more, though they do sometimes surprise you with reasonable pricing.
    The website I just linked does ship to the UK (35 euro shipping fee though), but with the risks of buying overseas I'd try the dealers first.


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      Thanks so much for that! Someone else found it for me on genuinepartsearch for 64 quid, still a lot. I live in Iceland so postage and customs is a killer too. I might try what you said and check at my local Opel dealership, thanks again


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        If a UK seller wont ship to Iceland (or charges silly money for delivery)) you could look into using a parcel forwarding agent. The parcel is delivered to a uk address . They then reship it to you in Iceland. . Here is an example, I have never used them , and there may be others
        Shipping Price Calculator | forward2me

        I dont know how much they charge for their service . Its probably still going to be expensive for a single item . But the agents will also combine other parcels received at the address into one (larger) parcel before shipping it to Iceland. . If you plan to buy other things from uk sellers at about the same time you could save postage costs per item by shipping them together. . I think they can also give an address in Germany for EU purchases.