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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Exhaust System Advice Please

    Hello there, wondering if anyone can give me a bit of advice please....I own a Corsa 1.4 Turbo '15 plate. I already have a cone filter fitted but it's not really giving me the "growl" I am after. I have had a PowerFlow system in the past but just curious if there are any others over here I should be considering? I would like to fit a nice beefy system (but nothing too offensive if that makes) - can anyone point me in the right direction of which brands you've had fitted and the approximate costs I'm looking at please? Thanks in advance

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    You may have more luck on one of the forums that specialise in performance modifications. Sorry if I am stating the obvious but generally you have 3 options. Only the first 2 are road legal.

    1) A resonated system This may make claims to improve performance, but will not sound much different.

    2) A non resonated system. This may also make claims to better performance , and should sound different as it is lacking some baffles. It should still be road legal. and able to pass the mot . So the 'improvement ' in sound may not be as much as you hoped for from an outlay of perhaps £350 I know this is the main info you are seeking - which system sounds best. Sorry I cant help.

    3) a partial by- pass that is designed to be LOUD. It is not road legal. and will not pass the MOT. (or it shouldnt, Maybe you could find a deaf tester ) These systems may be cheaper -mainly because of their reduced complexity , . But these may seriously upset your neighbours,council environmental inspectors (noise pollution) ,police, mot testers and insurance companies. Even an old codger like me has a decibel meter on his phone . ( You should probably inform your insurance company of any of these modifications btw , even the cone filter. )

    Claims of improved performance are not always delivered. The original system is tuned very much for the best performance . A sports system may not give any noticeable improvement unless you also have the car remapped and stuff like that. It could even reduce performance - as can fitting a cone filter

    You also need to check whether the system will fit your rear bumper without having to cut it.

    I was young once , and can understand the grin factor of a throaty exhaust note (we had cherry bomb silencers etc back then as well ) But it may not be long before the thrill of extra noise is replaced by annoyance of a tedious drone ,especially on long journeys . These days I prefer the silent stealthy approach to extra performance. If possible dont throw away the stuff you take off. You might want to (or be required to ) revert to original

    Let us know how you get on.
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