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USB incompatibility

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  • USB incompatibility

    My Corsa Elite will not recognise my new USB and won't play any of the music I spent hours downloading.
    It will play mp3s on an old 512mb usb, but not on my new 256gb usb.
    What sort of usb stick do I need?
    Or is it a fault with the music system?

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    It's more than likely due to the file system on the USB drive, make sure it's in FAT32, most cars only support that file system

    [Windows 10] How to convert the USB flash drive format to FAT32 | Official Support | ASUS Global

    Copy all of your files first! It'll wipe the drive.


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      Thanks for your reply.
      I have 4 usb sticks that are all FAT32. I have reformatted them on my laptop to make sure about their format. Two work in the car. Two don't work in the car. The only difference is the size of the sticks' memories. The largest memories don't work. The smallest do work. Does anybody know what is the largest size of USB that the music system will accept?


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        I think it may depend on the system in your car, can you see the model number of the stereo, or any 'branding' in the menu (intellilink 3 or something maybe), I would think 32GB or 64GB would be the maximum in most cases, but with a model number we might be able to check.


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            I have ahad a quick look at the 'infotainment manual for the corsa E. If you havnt got one you can download a pdf version free from here -
            Opel Corsa infotainment manual

   › opel › manuals › pdf › corsa
            I cant find any mention of a maximum usb capacity but it does say that the system can only support a maximum of 5000 mp3 files. Could it be the smaller sticks you tried had fewer than 5000 tracks, while the larger ones had more than 5000?

            If your car is not an E the same may still apply.


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              I have managed to get a 32gb memory stick to work.