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Corsa D weather trim help.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D weather trim help.

    Anyone able to help please.

    I need help finding the drivers window trim piece in the photo attached I’ve searched night and low and cannot find it anywhere. One side unattached when I was washing the car and it won’t go back in. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Hi Welcome to the forum.

    I am assuming because you are looking for a replacement that the trim is not going back because it has been physically damaged - something ripped or broken off?

    Or is it possible that even from new this last section was glued in place with automotive trim tape? Car manufacturers often use this double sided adhesive tape to fix door trim. I have never removed/replaced this trim, and cant inspect my own car at present, so I dont know. But even if this was not the original method and something has indeed broken , this tape has a very powerful grip and may prove a very satisfactory and permanent way of fixing it.

    In this weather its probably a good idea to gently warm the area up with a hair dryer or something to ensure its completely dry and improve trim flexibility and tape adhesion.

    If the trim seems to be in good condition, and should 'click' into place, but refusing to do so because its stiff and bent , things might improve if you gently warm it , without the need of tape.

    If you do need a replacement you may be able to find a good used replacement on ebay . If you cant find the exact part listed, many car breakers list whole cars and will remove any part you want , at an agreed price.

    It helps if you can find out the GM part number for the piece. You can then google this and find suppliers, even of used parts which you may have been missed because you and the vendor described the part differently

    If the old part its easy to remove you might find the part number is moulded in. It will be something like gm13243577

    I havnt got access to a full GM parts catalog ,with expanded line drawings. A main vauxhall dealer will have access to this, (but expensive) and so will many parts suppliers , although even vauxhall might not have it in stock and will need to order one from Germany. (delays at present? )

    Try google searches , looking particularly at images,, to find line drawings from parts catalogues. These link to suppliers , who often list the gm part numbers,even if they dont stock the part. I have done a quick check and easily found expanded views with all sorts of obscure plastic trims, door fittings and stuff . Frustratingly I couldnt find your particular part, but you may have more success .

    Search under Opel as well as Vauxhall, and dont dismiss web sites just because they are in Russia, Lithuania, etc. You dont have to buy from them, just get the part number you need.

    Repairing cars imported from the west is big business in the east ,and they seem more open about publishing catalog line drawings and part numbers, which are often kept a trade secret in the uk. The sites are often in english, or easy to google translate.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for the info buddy think I’ll give the adhesive a try as I don’t really have time to wait on delivery as at the minute rain is able to get into the place where the clip usually goes and don’t want it rusting and in time rotting my door. Much appreciated. Thanks again.


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        Its what I would do!

        A good quality automotive foam tape like 3m's VHB is not only a strong fixing it would probably help seal over any holes. Yet removable (with some effort ) if necessary. A whole reel may seem expensive for such a small job but I have found plenty of other uses for it over the years.