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Mirror Glass Ball Joints

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Mirror Glass Ball Joints

    Hi, I found this thread which can help with my problem but the way they're doing it doesn't work for me (Flat screwdriver to push the joints into the sockets). Is there any other way I can do this? I've tried taking the back plate off to see if I can get to it from that side and no such luck. I can't seem to see another easy way apart from take the whole thing apart.


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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Have you seen this you tube video? . looks like its a bit of a leap of faith, trusting that it will pop in just before the glass breaks

    I have never done the job myself. but a few suggestions that MIGHT help. But its your own risk .I cant guarantee success

    Try and choose a hot day when the plastic parts might be be more flexible. (or apply some gentle heating to the area. )

    You could try lightly lubricating the ball joints with something like soap,or vaseline so they slip in easier. I doubt this would cause them to pop out again too easily.

    You could try temporarily reinforcing the glass by placing something fairly rigid ,flat against the glass and pushing on this rather than the glass itself. . Hopefully this will spread the strain on the glass over a wider area so its less likely to bend and crack. Maybe a piece of hardboard cut to roughly the same shape as the glass

    If you take all three precautions together at the same time the combination might increase your chances ! But no guarantees!

    Or if all else fails you may be able to find a stick- on mirror glasses of about the right shape . These are available in a variety of shapes and simply glue over the top of the broken mirror glass.