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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Combo seat plastic panel

    I want to recover the seats on my 2006 Vauxhall Combo van but the passenger seat has a plastic panel on the rear. I need to retain the panel in order to use the small door on the bulkhead.

    I've found what appear to be two large pop rivets at the bottom of the panel but cannot find what holds the rest of it.

    If anyone has removed theirs I'd like to know how, I have browsed the internet to no avail

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    Hi . I have never removed this panel (or even seen one to be honest) But I suspect not many others will have either. So just a few ideas, that may be obvious ,already tried , or not feasible in reality.

    It may be fitted with hidden plastic lugs that slide behind matching metal lugs on the seat. If you remove the two pop rivets you may find the whole panel can be slid upwards, disengaging these bayonet lugs. Or it may clip on with plastic fittings that can be pulled off backwards, if you apply enough force in the correct places. At the risk of damage.

    If this doesnt work you could try removing the seat from the van and delving underneath. You might be able to see the back of the panel from the inside to see how its fixed , even if it means maybe cutting and pulling out a bit of foam ,or padding etc to get a better view - somewhere it wont show or matter .

    Or if you can find a panel for sale on ebay etc, or can find out its part number, it may have good enough photo or line drawings of the back that will make the fitting method obvious.

    Or if there is enough free play could it be possible to make a cover, or adapt a ready made one, in such a way that it can be fitted without removing the panel at all.? Upholstery , and ready made seat covers, are often tensioned using the loop string method. A string is laced through various loops in the fabric then pulled up tight like a shoelace. Could it be contrived that the seat back is tensioned in such a way that the 'shoelace' is hidden behind the panel, but has pulled the seat back fabric behind the panel as its tightened? Or fit the fabric so it goes on the outside of the panel, with its border fixed in place with self tapping screws and washers screwed into the plastic panel itself ,or tensioned with strong elastic etc, in a way that leaves the hatch accessible.

    Can you let us know how you get on?
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      Thank you for the comprehensive response, they are certainly routes to follow, especially as the seat has to come out.

      When I got the van it had a solid bulkhead and I wondered what the plastic panel was for. The only trouble is that it made the front seem really small and I was concerned that if the rear lock had a fault I would be faced with exceptional describe methods to get into the back.

      I primarily got the van to accomadate my full size mobility scooter and have done quite a bit to the van since I got it. In doing so I came across a mesh bulkhead with one side being a small door. It was then that the passenger seat panel purpose was revealed. With the seat folded flat the mesh door opens and is secured so that longer items can be carried with the driver safe behind the mesh door and the seat protected by the panel.

      I had wanted to fit better alternative seats but haven't been able to find any where the passenger seat folds flat hence upho─║stering the existing seats.

      I will be happy to update this topic once I sort things out, however it turns out.