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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Stereo buying guide

    Hi so I recently bought a 2010 corsa cdti 1.2 ecoflex and i was wondering if it was possible to install a new stereo with GPS and aux and all the necesittys anyone got any recommendations looking to pay around 100 - 200 prefer used but might buy new and if so do i need anything for mounting or what size should I get

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Sorry, I cant recommend any particular radio . But I did some research a while back with a view to fitting one.(but never got round to fitting one. )

    One option is to buy a unit that is specifically designed to fit the Corsa D (when buying search under both Vauxhall and Opel) These are a little bit more expensive but are the correct trapezoid shape to be a good fit into the double din opening.

    Another option is to buy a universal unit ,which will fit in any car with a double din opening. These are normally a bit cheaper, but they are a simple oblong shape that will leave unsightly gaps, so you will also need to buy a special Corsa D facia plate that makes it fit neatly.

    You may also need a fitting cage , and the special GM double pin keys to remove the old radio. You may also need a wiring harness to connect the radio to steering wheel volume controls etc (if you have them)
    You can buy kits that include all the parts, which may work out cheaper than buying them separately. but be careful, some kits may not include the removal keys, or other parts.

    Dont dispose of the old radio. You might want to refit it when you sell the car.

    You also need to be very careful about understanding and comparing the specification of the various contenders. They are sometime deceptive or economical with the truth . GPS compatible might only mean it has a socket for a separate gps receiver that you have to buy separately, and they might not include mapping. Also check whether its got the latest android (or other) operating system that will be compatible with your phone (or its replacement)

    This is a particular problem with used units. Will it have the latest software? I think you can buy reasonably decent no name chinese units for about £100. or so I know this might sound risky, but even top brands are quite likely to have been made in China and used units may be obsolete and lacking some newer features. .

    Let us know how you get on