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Bolts for fitting Corsa D bonnet

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Bolts for fitting Corsa D bonnet

    I am trying to track down the size of bolts i need to fit a bonnet to my corsa d due to original being stolen and left no bolts behind any ideas?

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Sorry, but my Corsa is inaccessible to me at present. And it may depend on whether they took the hinges or not.

    But by googling the gm part number for the bonnet (1160267 or 93189647 ) and the part number for a hinge (left I think) 13186899 I found a Turkish site with an exploded line drawing of parts for the bonnet area. Looks like there are 4 different types of bolt used for the bonnet /hinge fixing. . The bolts are special ones made for the specific purpose and will probably have their own part GM part number.

    Unfortunately the Turkish site doesnt give the part numbers of the bolts but here is the site so you can look at the diagram. 1160267 - MOTOR KAPUTU - GM |

    With a bit more research, using the same technique you may be able to find a site that with a similar diagram that does include GM part numbers . Even if its Russian , etc. . Once you have the GM part number you can google it separately to find local suppliers. Or you might find a bonnet supplier has access to the proper GM parts catalog, and may be able to help.

    Although the bolts are specialised, the threads are probably standard into the captive nuts. The domed ends and incorporated washer of the genuine bolts are mainly so they can be inserted easily by an assembly line Robot .

    Inserting them carefully by hand a standard bolt and washer would probably be ok.

    Its possible the car doors or the boot hatch may be affixed using identical bolts. By removing just one bolt (dont remove any more or the door may go out of alignment,) you might be able to try one out on the bonnet then use it as a pattern for buying suitable standard bolts.
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