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  • [Corsa D] Limited edition spare wheel

    Hello, my daughter has a limited edition 13 plate vauxhall corsa,could someone please confirm whether or not a 17 inch alloy wheel with tyre would fit in the spare wheel well please,many thanks πŸ‘

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    I have never tried but dont see why not. Its a full sized tyre well. The overall diameter of the 17" alloy with its lower side wall profile tyres should be the same.

    Possibly its wider rim and tyre width will make it protrude slightly higher ,but it should only be about half an inch or so .

    If this causes problems with the boot floor mat not laying flat you could fit some sort of sound proofing padding either side of the wheel well to even things up.

    But you might need to remove the centre bore trim boss each time do it can be clamped down.

    You can check for yourself by using this web site It compares the overall rolling diameters and widths of various tyre and wheel combinations and you can measure how it will physically fit in your well.

    Another option, if you are buying a new set of alloys to see if one of the existing wheels can be used as a temporary, emergency only, spare. If its overall rolling diameter and tyre width are similar (you can check on the above web site) . But its not ideal, particularly due to the different side wall profile. I doubt it would pass the mot if fitted at the time of the test, and you might even need to remove it from the spare wheel well. Legal or not its probably safer than using a spacesaver spare. Problem is a spacesaver is so obviously inadequate you are less likely to drive too fast, or delay replacement . You may also need different wheel nuts.

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      Thanks for your reply bugmanπŸ‘