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Defects in Corsa Limited Edition A-Pillars

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  • Defects in Corsa Limited Edition A-Pillars

    My car was under the Vauxhall warranty. I visited a Vauxhall dealership and e-mailed customer care 3 times about defects on the a-pillars. I was told every time that the fault was not deemed to be a defect. I contacted Mr. Norman, the Managing Director of Vauxhall, who passed my equiry on to Justin Woodcraft (Executive Support Manager). The car was inspected again by the dealership who sent photos to Mr. Woodcraft. Mr. Woodcraft's final reply was "The dealership have inspected your vehicle and carried out a comparison with similar vehicles. The marks you have highlighted have been found to be present on the models inspected and are regarded as a feature of the trim rather than a fault. As we do not consider this to represent a manufacturing or material defect, we must advise you that we are unable to recommend any further action in this case. While this may not be the answer you were hoping for, we trust you will understand the reasons for our position. In closing, we would like to thank you for contacting Vauxhall and for providing us with the opportunity to comment.". If you are a Corsa Limited Edition owner, is this defect present on your vehicle? If I have evidence to show that the defect is only present on some of the same model then this "feature" is a manufacturing or material defect.

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    It looks like it's perhaps not made with the best quality, those parts are designed to break when the airbags deploy I imagine, so are very thin.

    I don't have a Corsa but hopefully some others will come forward, I can't imagine it'd cost Vauxhall too much to resolve, just because they all seemed to have the issue doesn't make it a feature
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      Hi Welcome to the forum

      Its difficult to see the faults on my screen but I think they may be finger pressure marks caused when the trim was pressed into place during manufacture. This has to be done quite firmly. . In which case its quite likely most ,if not all corsas built at that time will have similar marks., And even if Vauxhall agreed to replace the panels some marks might be inevitable during installation.

      I checked my corsa, although that is now 9 years old . And its raining so the light is not good. (update , its now snowing!) Some of the A pillar trim looks very similar, but may not be identical materials . It does look quite flimsy . I didnt notice any obvious defects, but it certainly looks like I could find some if I looked more closely in better light.
      But as JT999 points out these are airbag deployment panels that cannot be too solid if they smack you in the face. Try to think of them as soft and resilient rather than defective.

      You could argue that this is a manufacturing or quality control issue. But if it really is a case of "they all do that sir" I can see Vauxhalls point as well. If that is the quality level GM designed for the car to produce it at an affordable price (or to allow improved trim options at a premium price) that may be as good as it gets in a Corsa. Is it reasonable to expect them to make your car better than all others under warranty?

      Some cars such as VW get good reviews for the quality of interior trim, implying that lower quality is the norm on other cars. . But this normally comes at a price. Even VW use cheaper trim in their Skoda models.
      The Trim in my Toyota Yaris is better than the Corsa, but it was significantly more expensive when new than a Corsa. And the corsa is better in some other areas.

      Personally i would be inclined to accept what Vauxhall say and mark it down to experience that trim quality may not have been one of GM's strong points.
      The next model Corsa will be a Peugeot in all but name. Maybe the lesson will have been learned. (although the design is being rushed through in China )

      Sorry if its not what you wanted to hear.
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