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Flooded rear foot well

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Flooded rear foot well

    Hi , my son has gone to uni and left me in charge of his 08
    3 door corsa , on closer inspection I have noticed the rear near side foot well is soaking wet , the carpet is virtually flooded, I’ve had a quick look at the door seal and can’t see anything a miss ,helpful ideas please people, cheers

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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    Did you also check the seal on the boot hatch? Leaks can migrate some distance from their source under carpets and trim before pooling. . Also check the shut area around the rear hatch .Lots of rainwater runs down here and there could be dead leaves etc blocking any drains or escape channels. Remove floor panels on the boot floor, the rear seat squab etc and check for dampness, and then run a hose or watering can around the boot hatch to see if a leak starts to show.

    The floor normally has several large holes with rubber bungs. Check none of these are missing. You probably wont need to climb under the car to do this but if you do make sure the car is safely supported ,not just by the jack..

    The passenger doors usually have small drain holes in the bottom (and the hatch may too) poke these through with a piece of stiff wire to ensure they are not blocked.

    If necessary extend your search for the source to window seals , rear light fittings , the roof antenna etc using the hose method.

    An outside possibility. Is the rear washer working ok? If the feed pipe has become detached or leaking this could be the source. Any screenwashy smell?

    Let us know how you get on. It may help others.
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      Cheers, will have look x