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Aux hole/socket?

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  • [Corsa D] Aux hole/socket?

    My corsa D 56 says aux when press FM button few times , but no aux hole checked where cup holders are but no hole there all can see is this strange connector ?

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    The cd30 mp3 radio has the ability to run an aux socket but it does not have one fitted as standard.

    You can buy an aux lead for this particular radio on ebay quite cheaply. It has special connector that plugs into the rear of the radio, with a short aux lead. You then have to find your own way of getting this lead to reach somewhere convenient, eg poking it out from under the dashboard, or between dashboard panels, or drilling a suitable hole for it etc. Removing the radio is not difficult but requires special release key pins, also available on ebay for a pound or two, or sometimes included with the lead

    Here is one from Hong kong that includes the removal pins, or you can buy from a uk supplier from 5.99
    Input Adapter Cable Lead Radio Ipod MP3 3.5mm Jack For Vauxhall CD30 DVD AUX 8283585640195 | eBay

    Yours is an CD30 mp3 radio so this lead should work. But others reading this who have the older cd30 radio without mp3 should note their radio does not support aux and this lead will not work.

    The other socket is nothing to do with the radio . Its the diagnosis socket, where they plug a reader in to read fault codes etc.

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      Thankyou so much that really helps