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Vauxhall corsa radio code

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  • Vauxhall corsa radio code

    hi guys.. can someone help me please. I just bought a Vauxhall corsa and radio is in safe mode. Can someone help me find the code for it please? Radio Serial is GN020211237660. Thank you in advance (hope this is right category for this topic)

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    Others may correct me if I am wrong . I believe for security reasons the code should only be available from a Vauxhall dealer who will charge you about 30+ for it and probably require proof of ownership of the car and personal ID. I think they do it from the car chassis number so it could be a problem if the radio came from another car. They might be able to do it from the radio serial number if its on their database but might be unwilling to do so for security reasons.

    Personally if the only alternative was paying vauxhall 30 + just to look something up on their computer i'd rather put the money toward a new radio with more advanced features, or it could be cheaper to buy a second hand radio of the same type that comes with its code. .

    . But there are also several on- line radio code providers who say they can supply Vauxhall radio codes - for a fee. I'm not sure how easy this is or what they charge, but probably less than Vauxhall. The ones I looked at dont give a set price, you have to get a quote, but I believe it may be about 9

    I have also read that on some cars its possible to read the radio code by using an op com obd2 vauxhall diagnostic reader. You may want to investigate this possibility further yourself by searching on line.

    The Op com plugs in to the obd2 diagnostic socket, but has to be linked up to a lap top/ computer to read the data .(You have to upload a programme onto a pc type computer -they wont work with smartphones etc.) You can buy them from a Uk based supplier from about 13 ,or a bit less from a seller in the far east.

    Another disadvantage of the op com is its not universal , I believe it only works for vauxhall cars. But I dont think there are many universal ones that work well on vauxhalls. They are a useful bit of kit as they can read live engine data, fault codes, reset things etc. If you plan to keep the car for awhile it worth considering buying one anyway - even if you find it doesnt help with the radio code. .

    But let us know the model and year of your car, and radio type. Someone may know more.

    You will find much information on line about radio codes that is wrong ,doesnt apply to your car or is out of date. For instance the old dodge of putting the radio in the freezer so the security code back up battery loses its power and resets to default is unlikely to work on more recent radios which do not need a battery.

    Let us know how you get on. You may be able to help others, even if we were unable to help you.
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