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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Playing music


    Firstly this is my first post so hi!

    Having has a 1.0 life for about 6 years I've just bought a 2013 Excite 1.4 16v which I'm very happy with.

    My issue is I would like to play music off my phone and stick my CDs up the loft.

    The car has the orange text on black background screen as opposed to the full colour snazzy version.

    I have a Samsung J3 and my music is on 'Samsung Music'. I've connected the phone to the car via Bluetooth for calls and that is working. There doesn't appear to be an option for a "normal" straight forward Bluetooth audio connection - basically using the car as a Bluetooth speaker?

    I've plugged the phone into the USB port but just get 'USB error'. I expect if I plug a memory stick with mp3 audio files only on it the car will happy but I'd rather use my phone if possible. I've looked for an App but can't see any obvious solutions.

    Anyone got experience of this/a fix?



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    Hi Welcome to the forum

    as with many things this is not something i know much about but that doesnt usually stop me!

    Your phone was introduced in 2017 /18 so its android version should be new enough. If Blue tooth works for phone calls I dont see why it cannot be made to work for music. Its possible that it requires a separate permission/sharing setting or something that is deeper rooted in the phones settings than just the normal bluetooth connection. You may have more luck finding out about connection problems by also checking forums specifically for users of your make of phone and your Android version.

    It may be your phones native pre installed media player is not compatible with the radio. Google, who own Android sometime have issues with other companies such as microsoft.

    If your music files are WMV rather than MP3 these are not so widely compatible. IIRC my fairly old, cheapo,Android smartphone could not play WMV files at all, only mp3. I had to install the free VLC app that played WMV files without problem including via bluetooth. . VLC has a good reputation for being able to play almost any file on almost any device.

    Hope this helps, although it exhausts my knowledge. Others may know more.


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      Cheers Bugman, much appreciated.