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Alloy wheels, size and fitment.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Alloy wheels, size and fitment.

    I have a 2013 corsa d sri and was just wondering as to how, if I can, fit 5 stud 18s to my car which is currently 4 stud 17s?
    New to all this sorry for sounding so novice.

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    Welcome to the forum

    i can only think of three ways. ) Fit 5 stud front and rear hubs and brakes from a corsa that has them as standard . (Such as the corsa 1.7cdti) Quite a big job and likely to be very expensive. Be absolutely sure the wheels will fit under the wheel arch without fouling before undertaking this option.

    Fit 'universal wheels. These have multiple bolt holes that will fit either to the existing 4x 100 studs or to a 5x110 studs. The disadvantage is they look a bit strange with so many unused holes, and could be weakened. And less choice. But probably a better than the next option, which i do not recommend.

    Fit PCD hub adapters. Basically these are a spacer that bolts to the existing 4 bolt hubs, and has its own 5 bolts holes for the wheels. The disadvantage of these is it widens the track of the car quite a bit, and the wheels may not fit under the wheel arches. They also cause problems with handling, and premature wear on wheel bearings etc. . Many people say they are dangerous and they are illegal in some countries.

    Alternatively try and find 18" wheels with 4x100 pcd . You may not be able to find any, and there wouldnt be much choice.

    Bear mind that 18" wheels are beyond the recommended size for corsas. You would have to be very careful to find ones that have the correct off set (how far out or in they sit within the wheel arch) to ensure they dont foul on the wheel arches or suspension. It might even not be possible, but others may know.

    You may find this web site helpful

    You would also need to reduce the side wall profile (height) of the tyres even further, possibly down to about 40 . This may make the ride harsher and less comfortable, and increase the chances of kerbing damage.

    I think you would have a bigger choice of styles and less complication if you stick to 17".
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      Thank you ever so much for your help and assistance after reading all that I think I will just stick to my original 17s and just get them resprayed and sorted out.
      Thanks again!


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        If you are thinking about different colours or styles its a good idea to use photoshop or a similar photo editors to do put 'virtual' wheels on photographs of your own car to see how it looks. Either a new colour on your existing wheels or substituting images of other wheel styles (and colours) You can also try out other effects such as different coloured brake calipers etc .

        There is free software available that can do this. Either completely free , or as a time limited free trial of paid for software.

        If youi cant make up your mind what looks best on your car upload some images to this site for opinions