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Front splitter help fitting?

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  • [Corsa D] Front splitter help fitting?

    Brought a front splitter for my corsa d it has fixings at either end but i have no screws any help? also can i use tape adhesive for a secure fix?

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    Sorry for the delay, didn't see this one. I wouldn't suggest using a tape adhesive. There are some things you can use to bond the splitter to the car, but screws would likely be easier.
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      Not sure what you mean by 'fixing' at either end. Is this just holes for a screw / nut and bolt , or some form of clip/device ?

      .Self tapping screws that tap their own hole into the metal/plastic may not be secure enough on their own as they could come undone ,especially if the hole gets enlarged due to flexing of the splitter.

      If you look at self tapping screws used elsewhere on the car, such as affixing the front bumper they normally screw into some sort of sprung securing clip or nylon fitting. . This is the kind of thing you need. The best type to use may depend on location and desired appearance, which may be why the splitter manufacturer left the choice up to you..

      Although you can buy automotive accessory fixing tape that is very strong I agree with JT its not the ideal choice ,especially if the splitter could be subject to front kerbing etc. You could use a belt and braces approach , fix it in place with tape (you'll need to get it exactly right first time, ) Then use some screws etc for added security.

      You may be able to find what you need in an accessory shop such as Halfords but will find a bigger choice on line