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Looking for this bumper for my Corsa B

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Looking for this bumper for my Corsa B

    I was looking around for a bodykit to my Corsa B and stumble upon a really cool bumper. but there were no details about it or how to find it. so now I'm asking you guys if you know anything about it and how to find it
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    You'd need fender flares for it too as its a wide body kit.

    Thats all i can offer
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      I've done some digging for you and found someone else also trying to source the same bumper, it seems it was a one off made in the UK, so you're unlikely to match it!

      Source - in the comments section (search for 'zahur')


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        fender flares are noted thanks.

        and hmmm a one off you say, well that's a bit sad? but thanks for the digging around


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          That web site is for enthusiasts in south Africa. 'One off made in UK' may mean its a one off importation into South Africa from the uk rather than one normally stocked by South african body kit shops. .

          It may be a commercial product you can still find in the uk.

          . Or use it as artistic inspiration to highly modify a standard front end yourself with many hours of hard work with resin, reinforcing mesh, fibre glass ,body filler etc . (and probably end up with something looking awful unless you are very meticulous and skilled in body work )