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  • [Corsa C] Interior Mold & Soaking Everywhere

    Hello, I own a Corsa c 1.2 (02) and have always had a problem with the drivers footwell being damp, however in recent months the whole of the interior of the car has become soaked including the boot (seats are also covered) and has started developing mold on the back seats, front door cards, floor (front driver, passenger, and under both back floor mats), aswell as everyday all windows being completely misted up. I have read up and seen it is a common problem with this model and checked the usual places such as the door seals, and bulkhead but see no sign of water and all seals seem to be in good condition. As days go on the mould gets worse and worse and the water becomes more of a swimming pool everyday! Is thee anyone that has any suggestions, preferably with as little expense as possible, due to being a first car and if it is too far gone/expensive will just have to get rid of the car. Many thanks - Josh

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    Hi Welcome to the forum.
    I have never owned a corsa C and can only go by what I have read , plus similar experiences on other cars.

    The most likely cause for the front footwells is the sealing of the plate around the brake servo. You will find details on how to seal this elsewhere,but you need to do quite a thorough job with sealant.
    Also the front scuttle area (the area between the engine bay and windscreen) has quite large drain holes that allow rainwater to drain away. These may be blocked with leaves which lets water pool long enough to find ways in where it would not normally . I'm not sure where these are.

    The doors have small holes underneath to drain rainwater that entered via the winding windows . If these get blocked with crud the door can literally hold a pool of water that will find other ways to escape, often into the car.
    You may find similar drain holes on the boot lid, and in the surround of the boot lid. Poke them all out with a piece of stiff wire to make sure they are clear.

    Things get worse this time of year as the damp does not evaporate as quickly as it does in warm weather and the weather adds condensation problems of its own. There may not be extra leaks. Water can move by 'wicking' through fabrics etc.

    Sorry but at this time of year the car will probably have to be dried out artificially using fan heaters etc but beware of too much heat that could cause a fire. Strip out as much carpeting, seats etc as you can and dry these separately. In hot weather the sun may be enough.

    Then with the car dry and stripped, if you still dont know where the water is getting in, get someone to ply a hose on the outside the car while you crawl about inside carefully looking looking for new leaks. Only a trickle may be enough to cause problems over time. The problem is the actual leak may originate some distance from where the wet eventually flows to cause the problem.