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Headlamp removal on 2001 Corsa Comfort 1.2 16V

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  • [Corsa C] Headlamp removal on 2001 Corsa Comfort 1.2 16V

    Hi, I am trying to remove the driver side headlamp from my Corsa because the indicator doesn't work, and I've tried changing bulbs, but the bulb holder is difficult to get back into the headlamp (I can do it eventually) and I think something is slightly wrong with the headlamp hole where the bulb holder screws in. I've removed the two bolts on the top of the headlamp, but there is an inaccessible screw at the bottom left (as you face the car) of the headlamp unit, which is impossible to reach - do I have to remove the wheel arch, or something even more difficult to get to this screw? The Haynes manual doesn't even mention how to remove the headlamp unit. I've searched on Google but all I get are results on how to change bulbs - doh!

    Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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    Hi Welcome to the forum
    You may need to remove the front bumper,although I'm not 100% sure. On the Corsa D thats the recommended method just to change the dipped beam bulb! (although its just possible without. )

    I've never done the job but its said to be much quicker and easier than it sounds. I believe there are 3 fixings along the top slam plate, 2 in each wheel arch, and some push in plastic plugs along the bottom edge. Some fixings may have torx drive heads, but with luck they will screw into plastic and wont be rusted solid. You might get enough access just dropping it a bit on one side.