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Luggage compartment : Corsa 1.2 Active 2008

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    Have you tried Googling something like 'Vauxhall Car Breakers'? There may be someone who could post the part to you.



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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll do just that !!


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        Have you googled the part number? You may find a supplier in the uk or another country who lists the part separately under the part number. Either new or used . A lot of UK salvage cars still head towards eastern europe where wages are low . Google translate is your friend.

        Its so annoying when breakers dont reply. Due to health and safety the days when you could crawl about on a stack of cars and remove parts yourself are largely in the past. And breakers will take into account how long its takes to remove a part (and the cost of buying new ) when deciding whether its worth their while selling it. Especially if by removing a small part they may no longer be able to sell a larger part (such as the tailgate) because its now incomplete.


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          Lots of good advice, so many thanks. I'm about to spend a couple of hours researching online based on both your suggestions. Further bulletin follows!! And yes, I use Google translate a lot !!!


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            Of course it may be frustrating to find that 'Vlad the Impaler' Auto morgue in Romania has the part you need for 50p but wont pop it in a jiffy bag for you.

            (I made the name up but they do call car breakers Auto morgues in some countries. ) There are a surprising number of car breakers for parts in Greece.They display the cars cut in half just behind the windscreen. Presumably it avoids tax/registration complications that apply to whole cars.

            But enough anecdotes.

            If you need to spray one up it might be worth checking to see if an auto paint factors can mix you up a rattle spray can in the correct colour code, while you wait. Its been years since I last had one made up and they may no longer do it. At that time it worked out cheaper than a can of 'duplicolor' from Halfords, and an infinite choice of colours.


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              Made me smile!!

              I have done masses of checking with no real result. Best I can find for a new one (but only in primer) is £16.80 including p&p so will probably go for that. I guess primed is grey. If it was black I'd probably use it and it would match the front "skirt".

              Hey ho; not the biggest problem in life !!