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  • [Corsa D] Plastic Door Trim Clips

    Hey guys,

    I've just signed up to this forum to seek some help from those of you with inside-out knowledge of Corsas (which I unfortunately lack).

    I had my car valeted for the first time a few days ago and upon inspecting the job afterwards, I had noticed that one of the pieces of my door had become unclipped however, I cannot for the life of me find out what the piece is even called nor the correct clips i would need to get it back on properly.

    I have attached a few pictures to this post of the hole, the location on the door where this clip resides and a picture of the top of the clip on the non-problematic side.

    I am in desperate need of this clip because my OCD is going mad!! If anyone could link me to the correct place (an eBay listing or anything) or even with a name of the part I'm looking for, that'd be amazing

    Thank you all in advance, i appreciate it

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    Have a look on this site: Plastic Fasteners for Vauxhall Cars and Vans

    Closest thing I could find is this one: Vauxhall Plastic Trim Clips- Bung Plug Door Boot Lining Roof Carpet Panels but I'm not too sure. Someone else will need to confirm.


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      As the ad on Tahmids post shows it could have various names such as bung or plug .As Shakespeare almost said," a bung by any other name will plug as sweet"

      Try taking the other one out so you can see its measurements and clip type. You might then need to replace both as they sometimes cannot be re used very successfully.

      You may not be able to get an exact visual match anyway, even from vauxhall , who might have sourced from different plastic plug manufacturers over the years. But hopefully replacing both will maintain enough symmetry to satisfy your ocd.

      If you cant find a satisfactory match on line, try taking the plug you removed into a motor parts department, along with your photos to see if they can help.


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        Thank you both for your reply. I've had a quick look on that site previously for this but I have no idea what the other side of the clip looks like. I have been messaging several parts holders on eBay to see whether they can obtain or have these clips and one had stated that they appear to be a one-time-use thing but with a bit of luck, they'll be able to send me an image or sell me one if they find replacements.

        I may have to pull the other one out and hope that I can find a replacement.

        I do have a Vauxhall dealership very close-by however so I could always ask there if no luck finding one online.

        Once I find it, I will update the post with the link or how I got one in case anyone else has this issue.


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          Hi guys,

          Just an update from me on this situation.

          I have found the clip necessary and the name of it (with a part number) however it states it will only fit 2007-2012 Corsa D models. This is an issue for me as I have a 2014 model and the clip does look slightly different (nothing pointing out of the top) and I'm not even sure it is the same size.

          Anyway, the part number for those models are: 13227503
          VAUXHALL CLIP - GENUINE NEW - 13227503 | eBay
          Clip Window Recess Weatherstrip for Vauxhall CORSA 2007-2012 Genuine OE 13227503 for sale online | eBay

          I will keep looking for those of us with 2013-2014 models and I will keep you updated.

          If anyone else can help me out in terms of what the 2013-2014 clip is called, please do and post a link here to buy them!
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            I would be tempted to go to the parts department at your local Vauxhall dealers. If they don't have what you require in stock, they will order it for you.