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  • [Corsa D] Sloppy ignition key

    2010 Corsa D diesel.

    Not sure if this interior/exterior, mechanical or electrical topic !

    Whilst investigating possible causes for electrical gremlins, detailed elsewhere, I realised just how sloppy the ignition key is in the ignition lock. I have owned the car for 6 years but never really noticed it before. It may always have been like that.

    Key is original GM , made by Delphi. Its the folding type, as here

    When the key is fully inserted into the lock the 'blade' is quite a sloppy fit and can be moved about quite a lot. To the extent the key ring end of the key can be moved by about 5mm in any direction.
    There is only slight movement on the visible silver lock barrel ,and on the hinge where the blade folds,but movement is nearly all due to the slackness of the blade in the lock. No 'in and out' movement of the barrel.

    I dont think the lock has ever been tampered with. The car has done about 60 thousand miles, but mosty long journeys ,so if its worn, GM and Delphi should be ashamed of themselves
    This waggling movement does not seem to affect anything electrical or actually cause any problems. At least not yet.


    Is this amount of movement normal for these locks ? Or a known problem.? I dont want to change it only to find 'they all do that'.

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    I will test this out and get back to you next time I go to the car.


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      Sorry for the late reply. Just tested this, mine has a slight wobble but I don't think it is 5mm. Much less.

      Did you mean the key moves inside the key housing or the ignition barrel moves or that the key moves inside the ignition barrel?


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        Thanks mate. I was hoping you would say 'mine is the same, its normal'. .

        I have tried the key in the car door lock, which will have had virtually no use. This also has some play of the key within the barrel, although not quite as much as the ignition.

        I have also compared it with the ignition of my Toyota, and a brand new genuine Yale euro lock barrel on the house door. Both have noticeable movement of the key within the barrel so maybe I have been a bit paranoid. Its difficult to measure,especially as the folding hinge has quite a bit of movement of its own.

        I have decided its normal wear and tear and not enough to worry about. Serves me right for criticising main dealers greasing locks on a previous post. The engineers know their stuff. Its the bean counters charging 10 for a tiny dab of grease that are to blame.

        But just in case. Does anyone know if the door barrel and ignition barrel are 100% interchangeable?

        If I found myself stranded in the mountains of Transylvania with a broken ignition barrel, could the door one be fitted in its place in an emergency? (I am genuinely going there in the autumn . should I take some garlic to keep the vampires away?)

        When I have seen door barrels sold second hand they include part of the door handle. Is this just for ease of dismantling , or are they impossible to fit, despite having the correct key code?