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  • [Corsa E] Vauxhall Corsa drivers seat

    Hi all, I'm new to this and never posted before so sory in advance.
    my problem is is that my Corsa seats mainly the drivers one is very uncomfortable on short and long journeys they seem hard and not much give in them.
    I was wondering if I could fit another seat in place of the drivers one, one with more comfort in it. Is that possible? And if so which one? An insignia one maybe?
    can anyone help?
    not sure if this helps I have a Corsa 1.2 65 plate.

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    Hi. welcome to the forum

    There are various options for replacing seats. Sometimes its fairly straightforward and they fit on the same runners ,but some options can be done but involve a lot of work, fabricating brackets, drilling holes in the floor etc. But most people change seats either because theirs are damaged or worn, , or they want a more sporty style, better fabric or leather, or height adjustable versions etc. Comfort is not necessarily improved. It may even get worse.
    German manufacturers, such as Opel/Vauxhall and VW group have long favoured firmer seats, and my Toyota seats are also quite firm. I now find I prefer it ,especially on long journeys. But even a larger sized car in a higher trim level, from the same manufacturer may be equally firm and no more comfortable to your taste .

    Have you actually sat in other corsa. of different ages, trim levels etc and found one with seats that are more comfortable? I would have thought insignia seats might be too big. Other things might affect suitability,such as ,electrical connections for seat belt sensors, pre tensioners, etc.

    It may be easier to look for some sort of after market padding, such as memory foam ,to make them comfortable to your taste . Then when satisfied, fit good quality , tailored seat covers over the top. These are quite expensive but look much better than cheapo stretchy universal covers.