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Corsa D interior fan / control panel section.

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  • [Corsa D] Corsa D interior fan / control panel section.

    Good Evening all, hope you can help me - Basically recently ive had my fan in the centre of my car broken (where all the Air con / Haard light buttons are etc) and i thought instead of just replacing the fan because the buttons are also dented in ill replace the entire section sounds simple... now ill explain what sectrion of stripping it down ive got to and then hopefully someone can help me from there - ive managed to remove the radio and remove the metal bracket surrounding the radio and unclipped the plastic housing thats holding the fans and hazard light button/passenger air bag / central locking buttons in place ive removed the black triangle with the like nipple on at the front of my windscreen that has a torq screw underneath. now in theory (according to some videos ive seen) the top section SHOULD pop off so i can access the 2 remaining screws that hold the panel in place to replace it but this isnt the case? ive attached a picture of the part im trying to replace to see if that helps anyone understand abit better.

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    Sorry I have never done it. But here is a video I saw a while ago. You may already have done this part, but just in havnt seen it.

    Does the replacement part give any clues how it might fit?

    If you could post a link to any video that shows how it should come off some one might be able to spot possible hitches as to why it might not. A long shot,but you never know, and it may help others anyway.


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      I have removed all these bits before. One thing that did happen if you disconnect the wiring loom to the hazard switch without disconnecting the battery first you will have the airbag lights come on and stay on. I had to get a garage to switch them back off.