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Throttle sensor fault.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Throttle sensor fault.

    Hope someone can help.
    My 2012 petrol corsa keeps going into limp mode. I was told it was a throttle sensor fault. I have had the pedal unit replaced today. I only got 100 yds and it went back into idle mode. I turned off the ignition. Turned it back on and the car started and I drove home. After an hour I tried to start it again.. 100yds back into idle mode.
    Any advice greatly appreciated.

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    Have a look in the Mechanical section, under.
    No response from accelerator and in limp mode.


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      Thanks for getting back to me. Only new to this and not sure how to find the Mechanical section.
      I have been able to get the codes from the dash. Some read as follows L 2310, S 2353,P 2271, t 2467. There are other codes showing without letters in front of them.


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        Click the forum button above. The new page lists various forums . Go to the mechanical section. The reason for doing it is your problem, was covered on a recent thread.


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          Welcome to Forum - Forums

          That's the thread they're talking about