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Flucuating tempertures.

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Flucuating tempertures.

    Lots of posts on this subject, for those who are not aware,
    there is a second coolant temperature sensor on the thermastat housing this is linked to the ECU(corsa d /2011/ 1.4.) this receives info as to air flow/temperature incoming/air density, and engine speed, and will adjust the thermastat accordingly it seems.This gives rapid response temp changes
    I have Scangauge fitted that is plugged direct into the Diagnostic socket and gives live data on all the engine sensors/systems ,upto 12 in total ,4 can be viewed at a time, on selection/The temp window reads anything from 99 all way upto 105, and changes very quicky one degree/up/down at a time when it is operating in normal running traffic trickling, or normal road speeds/ 30/40/50/60 mph, think this may explain the many different readings that people getting, depending on what they are using to get these readings at the time.