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Display not showing trip/fuel, only timer

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Display not showing trip/fuel, only timer

    I have just purchased a 2014 (64) Corsa 1.2 Excite with GID. On the display unit i can only access the tImer function ??? I have taken the car to the local vauxhall dealer who said its not possible to install the trip / Fuel functions ???? However I've seen on you tube that many other Corsa Ds have this function installed....Lets be honest the timer function is useless !!

    Is this possible to install ? If so, how easy ? and are the garage feeding me a load of crap saying its cant be done ??



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    I don't know the Corsa D very well, but on the old Corsa B sometimes having an aftermarket stereo caused a few issues - is yours running the standard stereo?


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      I know nothing about gid displays. But could it be because certain functions are only available on higher trim levels. Vauxhall opel can then charge a premium price for adding a few gismos some of which cost them nothing,such as unlocking functions on the gid software. They would not wish to make it easy for customers to get just these extra gid functions 'by the backdoor' without paying for the full cost of a higher trim level car.

      I have vague recollection that for some cars hacked versions of hid type software are sometimes available. Very risky I would have thought.. It could fry the whole system.I wouldnt risk it myself