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2003 Corsa electric window fault

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 2003 Corsa electric window fault

    Recently bought a second hand 1.2 corsa 5-door, everything works fine except the electric window on the drivers side has a fault where it will not close. If you hold the switch down it gets about halfway up then goes back down again! The only way to close it is by tapping the switch

    Guessing that the problem lies within the motor itself, and may need replacing?

    Many thanks

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    You could well find that, rather than the motor being the problem, it is the mechanical mechanism.
    I would suggest that you take off the door card and make a visual inspection.
    WARNING: keep your fingers out of that mechanism if you try operating the window with the door card removed - They can give you a nasty bite (and they don't let go!)