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Corsa C clocks broken.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C clocks broken.

    So the clocks in my Corsa C 2002 have broken and when I took it to a garage, I was told that it was not an issue with the car but that the Clocks themselves were broken and needed replacing. I bought a second hand set of clocks however apparently there needs to be some software used in order to marry the new clocks up to my car.

    What software is needed?

    Anyone in my are know of any garages with this software.

    Vauxhall charge more than the car is worth to fix it.

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    You can't just change the clocks as they are part of the immobiliser. I normally change the whole lot over , clocks, ignition barrel , ignition pick up ring , ecu, and bcm unit.
    Selling on Ebay for about 60 -80 quid .