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Wiring angel lights

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Wiring angel lights

    My sidelight won't work

    How so I wire all of this up

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    If your unsure on any type of wiring, you should get an auto electrician to help you.
    If you cant figure it out, chances are you will join cables by twisting and taping, which is never a good thing, especially on headlights.
    Not trying to sound like a prick, but just giving you some warning


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      Need better pictures than that and more info before anyone could begin to work any of it out for you. How many bulbs, what ones are they, how many wires to each, what colours, what's joined to what. Desperate each bulbs wires in the photos so people can see what needs to go where.
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        Also, if you absolutely MUST use a phone to take a photo of something like this - take the photo outdoors, in good sunlight, away from any shade.
        This should help reduce the noise in the photo and make it a bit clearer for us to see


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          If you have three sets of identical wiring eg just two colours Black and white or red and black, and those look like very fine wires they will be LED's.

          The yellow and black if I'm right by your photos should be indicator wires.

          But like said above your photos and headlight pictures are a little badly taken one of front and side then rear would help better too.