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Corsa B 1.5 Turbo Diesel Alternator

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B 1.5 Turbo Diesel Alternator

    Hi, im having issues with an alternator on a 1997 vauxhall corsa 1.5 turbo diesel. On idle the headlights, dashboard lights, and info display all flicker in sync. When i rev to 2000rpm they are on contstantly. Im guessing it needs a new alternator, however im wanting to know if i should replace the entire alternator or just the voltage regulator. Also, i cant find any tutorials on changing the alternator. If some one could point me in the right direction please. Thanks is advance.

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    Back when i had mines, i had similar issues and sometimes a weird clicking / knocking noise from tickover.

    I got somewhere to replace mines so not sure how it's done, but alternators playing up on them in the winter is pretty common.
    They're so low to the road that all the grit and dirt and water from the roads gets flung up around it.

    I can't say for sure what's failed on yours but on mines the whole casing had cracked (common again) so the whole unit had to be replaced.


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      Thanks for your reply. I will probably replace the entire alternator, seems like more hassle just replacing the voltage regulator. However, im currently only using it for uni so i thought ill save some money by trying to repair it myself.


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        Ive had a look at the alternator and i can turn the alternator pulley by hand even though its still on the car. The belt is slipping. Is it easy to tighten the belt. Im guessing there is a tensioner which will need doing up.


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          The alternators are normally on an adjustable bracket, so you should be able to back the nuts off slightly, move the alternator, then tighten back up.
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