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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Help with MAF issue

    Have search long time now for wiring diagram to my Corsa C with X18xe1 engine but have failed. I need to know the colour of cables to MAF-sensor, wich is to what. My engine lamp is on and the car not pass inspection because of to low lambda (0,95) and to high Co2 that means engine run to rich and i know it is MAF-sensor failed and it says no contact or wiring to air temp sensor is open.

    Have change MAF 2 times and have the same problems so i think it is gound cable fail to the MAF but i dont know if its the grey, yellow or wich one it is, i must be sure so i can test it no cable is black or brown. Have read in other place here in the forum other have same problem.

    So is there any chance to find wiring diagram to Z18xe1 engine online? Im from Sweden and always drive Opel and are use to fix the most by my self but here i need little help.
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        OPEL CORSA C 1.2 engine p 0170 fuel trim bank 1 fault code

        Dear all members,

        My english is not so perfect. ıf anyone can helpme I would be very happy.

        Im writing about my car opel corsa c 1.2 2001.Within six months I go to many serviceman to solve my problem but nobody canthelp me to solve my problem.My fault code always p 0170 fuel trim bank1.***Petrol usage is rise cars ****

        Sometimes ı saw a problem like this p0170 bank 1fuel cut off or p0170 bank 1 fuel cleaning fault.
        I would like to write all things to solve thisproblem.

        1) I changed the two of one oxygen sensor bank 1and bank 2. Bosch brand two times.These are suitable codes.
        2)Serviceman cleaned throttle butterfly.
        3)Serviceman check catalyst convector.We wonderthat convector is full or empty.We saw that there is a coal into a convector.Wecheck there isnt any problem there.
        4)I bought elm 327 bluethooth device from theinternet to check my car.I check maf sensor.İts working.(ı dont chance thisdevice without chech)
        5)When I went to the repairmens they looked attheir tech 2 devices my car they said me your 2 oxygen sensor bank 1 and bank 2working and they dont find problem.
        6)Engine brain checked so its working there isntany problem.

        Only I know that when I buy petrol, petrolindicator dont change immediately. when I drove a car or laterly the carindicator petrol rising.
        I wonder that can these are shows us petrol pumpor fuel tank float causes p0170 fuel trim bank 1 ?
        I read on the internet intake manifold air leaksor any air leaks maybe causes this problem ? is it true ?
        When I check elm 327 always oxygen sensor andcatalyst convector always shows me faults.My car shows me not ready emissiontest.
        When ı first fix bank 2 oxygen sensor near thecatalyst convertor,everything shows me good from the elm devices.Laterly 2-3days later its change and shows me not working good(convector and oxygensensor).what can be causes this problem ? Always code p0170 there isnt any code?

        Thanks in advance,

        Wish to all good news from all members,

        Have a nice day,


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          This code usually means the MAF even tho it says oxygen sensors .
          What faults have you got with the car.
          Poor acceleration on hills and high fuel consumption.
          You say you've check the MAF but only at idle when you're driving the car ,the air and fuel mixture will be different under load .
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            Dear Restrorer,

            Thank you for answering my questions.You are right when yellow engine light comes,I generally have Poor acceleration fault and I always have high fuel consumption fault).
            My fault code is always p0170 bank 1 fuel cleaning faults.

            When I see this light.Bank 2 sensor locked and safe itself.When fuel pass bank 1, maybe air/fuel mixture passes not true.So bank 2 sensor locked itself.If I erase fault,Bank 2 sensor working.I see working values on the odb original services devices.

            I attached no load working values because I dont want to have an accident while driving a car.
            So what can I do ? Is maf sensor working true or is there any ideas to sole this problem.
            I change the two of them sensors.
            By the way, When I first chance the bank 2 sensor after the catalyst convector, readiness shows me everything is green and there isnt any problem but two or there days later its changed like photos.

            Thanks in advance,

            Have a nice day
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              Can you try and get a second hand MAF sensor off ebay and try that .
              I'm sure that will solve your problem, as you've already changed the two oxygen sensors and still have the same problem.


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                Dear Restrorer,

                I will try it ıf I find second hand maf sensor.Also Im living Turkey and in my country this maf sensor's bosch brand new one's price between 85 to 100 euros.Ebay prices more cheaper than our prices but I dont know how many day product will arrive me? I have to seach other tax and transportation prices.I dont know total prices about to buy this product from e-bay ? I will follow this code within one or two months.I can be buy the new one in my country.Im a little bit afraid of that after buying new one couintining my same problem.I dont want face to face that case.İn our country we couldnt find any repairmen to understand opels problems.So I decided to write here.

                Thank you for reply my questions.

                I will inform and write there any changes.

                Have a nice day,


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                  I have only just seen your post.
                  I have found in the past that you can get a good idea about the MAF sensor, simply by unplugging it and trying the car with it disconnected - if there is some improvement with the MAF disconnected, then it is generally the MAF that is at fault and needs replacing.
                  Don't run it for too long with the MAF disconnected though.