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P0335 Fault with intermittent check engine light

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  • [Corsa C] P0335 Fault with intermittent check engine light

    Hallo all

    Today while driving the check engine light (car symbol with spanner) came on. Pulled over and checked the codes. P0035. Switched on again, check engine light off. Then after a few km it came back on and car stared to misfire. Then check engine light went off again. This patter repeated itself for about 30km when i decided enough was enough and called auto service. Got towed to a workshop and will look at problem tomorrow. Code suggests crankshaft position sensor fault. Auto service guy showed same fault.

    Question is why does the check engine light go on and off? When on the car misfires, when light is off the car runs OK. Is this because the sensor is malfunctioning but not yet failed?

    FYI no problems in starting when hot

    Thanks in advance